yginflatable » what a good blog.I like it.
aks » hi jaroor
Moda » Moda Magazin
Nishith » w.r.t "touched"- Education is the key...That's the only permanent solution.
Cheetos » Wow! Been in Delhi for 20 years and still the wonderful roads and zipping traffic never give an indication as to how fate really can take a turn for the worse. Glad to know you are Better. Cheers !
Sumit Biswas » Hey Nitai, heard about ur accident... Hope u get well soon
Cheetos » Hi Nitai!, Why doesn't your blog have a RSS feed ? Its a very good Idea to have one. Apart from that how are things ? :- Chirantan
Cheetos » Yes! I already had to face frowning eyebrows when I sent the link of your post to all the folks out here. Bythe way, don't know if you know this but GoCu has dissociated himself from K!
shrikanth » hi there, been reading the blog for quite some time. I'm currently at K (class of 2k do link me, will link you soon.
Nitai » Thanks Cheetos but please be careful about posting/spreading such stuff that might even be taken as slander and I am serious
Cheetos » The post on Prof GoChu is awesome !!
Madhu » Hai babs,how u doing?..long time...nice to see u blogging again...be in touch
sunil nayak » i was going thru orkut loyola group. i was in 96-97 batch. i do recall ur name but i failed to recall anything else , u kno 9 years have passed, r u from the same batch
arundhoti » hi nitai! planning a new blog, is it? long time no hear!
priya » hello
priya » hi nw here
mayank » itna sannata kyu hain bhai?
paro » is this blog dead or alive?
Nitai » Main waapas aaoonga
Pranay » Oye bloggin chod diya??
Nitai » Hey thanks, Viku bhai, France is treating me well and as for Sania, you are absolutely right
Vikram Jain » yaar..how is france treating you...hope u r enjoin every minute of it..and ofcourse that pic with sania mirza deserves to be hung as a portrait for the rest of life...njoi..tc
Nitai » @Shubhra, thanks for the compliments. How are the campus, the ghats and Godowlia doing nowadays?
Shubhra » hey..u frm ITBHU...well me too 3rd cse ritenow n I dream of cracking IIMs smday.Anyways,nice writeup!
Nitai » grt to see u here Ravi, thnx for visiting and you have an amazing blog, as well...really like your tongue-in-cheek humour, the usual touch
Ravi » ur blog has a lot of stuff dude.....anywayz see u arnd...btw have blogrolled u....
Ravi » Hey, great to see u here...Came across ur blog after i got a referrer link from here..Thanks for doing that..i remember u had just started your blog when u were abt to quit infy..chk next msg...
Nitai » how can it yaar, this place can give about 10 Calicuts quite a lot to think about
mayank » firang milte rehte hain? baba, the calicut effect hasnt still gone??
Nitai » mast hain haal chaal bhai, will be going on a Euro tour sometime in October end, aur haan yahaan to bahut Firang milte rehte aur milti rehti hain
Abhijit » hi baba, how r things going on paris. Tujhe koi phirang mili ki nahin. Do put some pics or news abt paris and how r things there..any chance of u going to germany on a europe trip and alll...
Animesh Pathak » Search for your name on http://blogsearch.google.com/ .. you are famous .
Nitai » Thanks Manish, you have a nice blog as well
Nitai » Karan and Shashank, thanks a lot, will have as big a blast as possible and about Frenching it up, no chance shall be left unattended
Manish » Nice blog .....
Manish » Nice blog .....
Shashank » Have a blast in Paris and do keep writing here
Karan » Best of luck in Paris. Do french it up when you ge tthe chance
nadir » Next post????
Keshav » Kuch naya post ho jaaye!! Long time!
Nitai » umm...think it was, though we had a different name for him...used to call him Baba
RS » I was in Morvi, 'Karma, Viveka & Vish..... wasn't that sandwitch guy's name Mochu??
Nitai » Oh yes, we did have him and yeah, we were in Vish, too apart from Morvi, Raman and Viveka
RS » CSE, 1993.... too far back.... do you still have that sandwich guy beyond the gates (forgotten his name)? Were u guys in Vish?
Nitai » Hi RS, glad to meet a BHU alumnus myself. Me from Cera '02, what about you?
RS » This is a great blog post (came here from India Uncut)... noticed you were from BHU and as an alum that was (unfortunately) the first q that popped into my head
RS » when did u graduate from BHU? What branch?
Nitai » @nadir, thank you...sure will, whenever I get the chance
Nitai » Pranay chetta, u r welcome and u better take Postman Uncle's name with due reverence
Pranay » Thanks for all those empowering messages. BTW who r pappu, munni and the postman?
nadir » Hey, ur blog mela's super-duper hit!! Keep putting up such melas in the future too!
nadir » I was talking about the blog that u have put up. ....... About the event, of course all credit goes to Mpower.
Nitai » not my job...all credits to the eMpowered people
nadir » Good job on Synapse!
paro » thanks nitai...for the comment on the blog entry
Nitai » hey, that sounds great...chalo have fun
Prithesh » Too much work dude!! But enjoying my role as a 6 sigma black belt to the hilt
Nitai » thanks Prithesh . BTW, long time since you updated your blog. Do let me know what's up
Prithesh » Nice to see that all is as usual with the campus and your blog
Nitai » if u mean the one u put in the shoutbox out here, it is very much present, two shouts down the line...any other comment, I am unaware of
Pranay » hey wheres my prev comment abt Koneect. BTW good to c u back to proper blogging.
Nitai » Ye blog hai...movie reviews are just circumstantial as whatever else I want to write can not be written And yes, thanks for the treasure hunt thing...it sure was a pleasant surprise
Pranay » oye yeh blog hai yaa a site for movie reviews. BTW congrats to G hostrl for winnin Konnect treasure hunt . It was so unexpected
Amar » One post on Kajra re...come on!!
Nitai » Anyone who wishes to be de-listed from my blog directory for whatever reasons, just drop me a line
Nitai » apun ka naam le lene ka bas
paro » and what do we do if some senior or some guy passes cooments has not happened so far but
Nitai » good for him that he wasn't frm IIMK warna main to uski...
paro » well that watchman got his due and he wasnt from iimk...
Nitai » welcome to the club, Anurag
Anurag » Very nice ... I just stumbled on this page, and noted with excitement a hive of IIMK bloggers! Anurag - batch of 2003
Nitai » kucho kare ke naikhe iG bhai, bas carry-e on ke jamaane aa gaeel ba
iG » ab kaa kahin.. hamni ke bihar aisane bate..ka kail jaaw.
Nitai » Thanks for the wishes, Sumit
Sumit » oops.. belated bday wishes...!!
Nitai » Thank you so much for the wishes, Madhu and Prithesh
Prithesh » belated b'day wishes, dude
Madhu » Hey babs..belated bday wishes
Nitai » thanku
iG » congrats on completing summers happy budday
Chandna » utakarsh, wat is your mail ID ?
Nitai » don't mind at all, Keshav...am honored in fact
Keshav » Hey Nitai.. I added your blog's url on my blog's link! Hope you don't mind! My url - http://kumarkeshav.blogspot.com
Nitai » well, thank you Keshav. I must say that I am rather overwhelmed by the praise...anyways, if you like them, feel free to come back. BTW, u blog too, don't you? URL plz...
Keshav » Your blogs are amazingly interesting! I loved them. Opened them with the mind of having a casual read, but frankly speaking, it's a must read matter! Great going!
kristal » thank you he says he loves your blog too..i'll be coming back
Nitai » wo zaroor padosi mulk ki chaal rahi hogi, usme mera koi haath nahi tha
iG » aur babaji, tht day the comment link was missing from below the post, samjhe?