Entry: Marketing the drizzle Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Kozhikode is certainly a beautiful place and the campus of IIMK, especially so. I missed my jogging today because of the Tuesday fast but even if I had decided to go for the jogging, I couldn't have. There was a slight drizzle in the morning that made going out not impossible but certainly a little difficult. However, the kind of view the rain, combined with the beautiful hills around this place, gave was simply out of this world.

Classes have started here and are now in full flow. For the other section, the load has been a little more since they had two classes yesterday as well as today. For the A section, which is supposed to be luckier in terms of the teachers, the routine is not so hot on the first two days of the week. The coming three days are going to be a diffrent story, however, with the Quant Prof., Professor Gopal Chouwdhry, having already asked us to study the first chapter before coming to class. The schedule is also a little more tightly packed with four and even five classes on the coming days.

We had the financial accounting class today and the teacher, Professor Broca, was very energetic, to say the least. The first impression that I had of this teacher was that he is carrying with him a sense of fullfilment on being chosen to teach at IIMK. Also, he seems to be a person not used to too many changes. He has a distinct methodology which looks to be quite rigid. I don't know if these observations are correct in their entirety but they would certainly come to the forefront before long.

We had the most interesting of the student committee meets yesterday. Mpower, the marketing interest group at IIMK met last night for a very interesting session. Starting with the weekly updates on the marketing world, the focus shifted to a quiz that was well conducted and well fought by the IIMK students. It almost felt as if it was a beginning of the concretisation of my interest in marketing as a discipline. I have not yet decided on the specialisation that I am going to follow for my MBA but if Mpower was any indication, marketing may well have a role to play in my future.

On the personal and emotional front, things continue to be as far from rosy as possible. I am still not able to break the ice and in fact, have somewhat resigned myself to fate and decided to give things some more time to settle down. My only worry is that if I give too much time, the situation may become unsalvagable.


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