Entry: The mysterious affair at IIMK Friday, May 21, 2004

Having read so many of the spy books and watched so many of the spy movies (of both the unbelievable Indian Crooke Bond types and the somewhat believable-due-to-gadgetry English James Bond types), I always tend to find reasons where there are (or may be :-)) none. While browsing the net yesterday (I hardly seem to do anything else nowadays), I came across the IIMK intranet site and started wondering about the reason for it not being mentioned by even a single senior, either in the e-group or on any other forum. Considering that the e-group of the '06 batch is already some 350 mails old, this will look fishy to almost any and every one.

I decided to go one step ahead and delve deep into this intranet site and try to figure out for myself, the reason for it being hidden (or not being shown, whichever way you look at it) from the eyes of us juniors. Believe me, even one hour after I started delving deep (I had exhausted the material on the site by this time, even read through the charter for different committees at IIMK), I could not find any reason (good, bad or ugly) for my not having come across this site earlier. There was Darpan, the student's space that really required much more than what it had. The news section was nothing but one-liners and there was nothing at all that could, so to say, attract the passerby. Well, I certainly agree that it is difficult for an IIM student to hold his life together, forget maintaining a web site, but then again, there is the site of IIMC which is much better on some counts with students pitching in to make the place more lively and interesting. I don't know if I am putting my feet into the wrong thing (which I almost always do) but I believe that if I get a like minded group of some (even a few), I will definitely like to contribute something to the cause, but all that comes later...much later.

Things are, in deed, looking a shape better now. I had a bad dream last night about Maa and I called her up first thing in the morning. I had one more-than-half-hour-long conversation with her (hundred bucks woof....gone) and I felt absolutely cool and relaxed after it. I went ahead and called up Nani (my maternal grandma) too and spoke to her about so many things...she cares so much about me that at times, I almost get overwhelmed, especially when she starts asking about my health, even though she might have had a blood sugar reading exceeding 200 herself. Priya (my sister) is also there with Nani in Patna presently. She has her entrance exams for the journalism course at Indian Institute of Mass Communication today. Maa is so worried about her career that she hardly sleeps nowadays. I hope that Priya is able to decide fast on what she wants to do. She is interested in Interior Designing but I feel that she is suppressing her ambition just because some of her friends told her that she won't be able to get a good start in this field. She is looking for so many other options, including journalism, finance (she has just completed her B.Com), advertising, and much more.

I have been trying to talk to her, to convince her to go with her heart and do something that she really wants to do. Having spent two years in the software industry, I know how it feels to be stuck with doing something that you don't really want to do. All things said and done, however, I feel that she will learn only after she has burnt her fingers herself. There is no other way, I guess, or is there? I wish I knew...


May 21, 2004   01:30 PM PDT
My dear Watson,
Let me throw some light on the IIMK intranet mystery.
Darpan was set up this year by a group of students and is continuing to evolve.
We have a number of IT whiz-kids who have wanted to work on the website and intranet, but faced some opposition from some grouchy IT staff. All this should change now, since we have a new Director who is pretty progressive, etc.

Yeah, you can certainly get together with some of your batchmates and work on it. That's one of the nice parts about IIMK being young - students get to contribute a lot towards it's growth.

Hope that helps clear the shroud of mystery.
Philip, Ronald Philip
May 21, 2004   01:41 PM PDT
Well well well, Hastings mon ami, why is it that the criminal mind returns to the scene of crime...he mocks me, the little Belgian, does he not, now?
Yes, Ron, it does clear up the sky somewhat but the sun is still not able to pierce all the way through the dark clouds.
I can understand the reason for the site not being what it could have been, but not the reason for my (or any of my batchmates') not hearing about it earlier.
I saw the photooos of all seniors on the site...any link?
Elementary, Watson, eh???
May 21, 2004   06:10 PM PDT
Hehe .. the photos are one of the reasons no senior mentioned the intranet site. ;)
A good piece of advice for your batchmates would be to make sure you send good photos to the office!

Hmm ... at some levels, it's not good to tell you guys every single detail before you hit campus. For a lot of things, you need to make your own judgement. Also it would kill the excitement of coming there and discovering things for yourself.
So don't worry about the sun still not shining clearly through the clouds. As the Chinese proverb goes "May there be enough clouds on your horizon to have a beautiful sunset" :)
May 24, 2004   03:38 PM PDT

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